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Happy New Year from the Seeds of the League team! We’re proud to introduce you to the launch of our newly expanded website. I’m pleased to tell you that this site was developed by the Seeds staff: Halima Konteh and I, authored posts and pages and Leo Cross and Noelani Renderos provided video and photography and together we collaborated on design. 

Since 2010 Seeds of the League, an Art Students League community program, has partnered with public schools and social service organizations to provide arts programming, in addition to scholarships to students from public schools and from arts and social service organizations, inclusive of individuals in the LGBTQ+ community. 

Each month we will introduce you to the artists who inspire us–our Seeds—and the people who inspire them. Our inaugural issue features stories about alumni who have blossomed into talented and successful artists, such as Kreg Franco and Maya Carino, the life of Hettie Anderson, an African American artists’ muse who was immortalized on buildings, monuments, and coins, and the City-As-School High School students who are taking classes at The League to fulfill their art credit while exploring their personal desire to become artists. 

Seeds of the League has resources that allow young artists to bloom in their own time. Through partnerships with high schools and organizations, more than 600 scholarships have been provided for study at The League. We especially thank The Kamen Family’s DEKA Foundation for funding that has helped Seeds blossom into the award-winning program it is today. We hope you enjoy and return again for the next newsletter!

Denise L. Greene
Director of Community Programs
Seeds of the League

Alexandra Stamatov


“My dream is to bring art to the public and to groups who can feel empowered, happier through it. I could do this by becoming an art historian, art educator”
High School of Art and Design

Aurora Dislaking


“I would specifically like to take the Lithography/Woodprint/Etching class because I have a certain style of pencil drawing that I think would translate beautifully into printmaking.”
Ali Forney Center

Zienna Brisset


“Every experience at the Art Students League is invigorating and has provided me with a space in which to hone my skills in portraiture.”
High School of Art and Design

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