Seeds Teaching Artists

K.C. Amable

Caucasian, Latin/Native American, Japanese

K.C. Amable has been a pupil at the Art Students League since 2013. She obtained an Advanced major in Illustration at the High School of Art & Design, and had work featured at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and The National Gallery in D.C. In 2020, she graduated from Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Communication Design, and her work has taken her to a range of clients such as the Museum of Modern Art, Ahoy Studios, V Magazine, and Effy Jewelry. She taught at the Garrison Art Center in upstate New York, and works as a private teacher for artists, illustrators, and cartoonists alike. K.C.’s teachings focus on developing new ways of seeing the figure, with an emphasis on light, shadow, color, perspective, and composition. 

Mei Bock

Chinese American

Mei Bock was born and raised in New York. She has been a student at the League since 2018, beginning with the Aspiring Artists program. Now, she is a junior at Bowdoin College, studying English and Visual Arts. Her artistic focus lies in painting and drawing from life, and she has worked in oil, pencil, charcoal, watercolor, and clay. Her interest in art education has been fueled by working at an art gallery and TA’ing art classes. She has also developed her one-on-one teaching skills by working as an academic tutor, privately and for non-profits, and training to be a college writing assistant.

Maurice Buckley

African American

Maurice Buckley is an illustrator and educator. He received his BFA at Alfred University in 2013.  Since then, he has taught art throughout New York City, with organizations such as The Art Students League of New York and Doing Art Together. In addition to teaching, Maurice works as a freelance artist. His next major projects are 1994 (a Maurice Buckley Sketchbook) and the Monkey and Moon comic series. Maurice’s art is in the Library of Congress. 

John Bunge


Jon Bunge is an experienced arts educator who loves to share the joy of creation with children and adults. He is passionate about helping people express their imagination and vision through art-making.  Jon holds an MFA from City College of New York and a Master of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary. His artwork consists of drawings, paintings, collages, sculptures and installations. Jon’s work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and can be viewed on Instagram @jonbunge and at

Carlos Luis DeMedeiros


C.L. DeMedeiros is a Brazilian-American artist based out of Hoboken, New Jersey. He works exclusively with found objects, creating assemblages, masks, heads, necklaces, and collages. DeMedeiros explores ideas of religion and faith, immigration and displacement, politics and identity, and their intersections. Largely a self-taught artist, his insightful and sophisticated work has been acknowledged internationally, through exhibitions at the New York Public Library, The Art Students League of New York (where it garnered several awards), 80 Washington Square East Galleries, and numerous galleries in Central and South America.

Jaiquan Fayson


Jaiquan Fayson was born and raised in New York. He studied at the League and obtained his BFA in Illustration from The School of Visual Arts, where he was a recipient of the Silas H. Rhodes Scholarship. His experiences with drawing while being incarcerated at a young age have made him passionate about the therapeutic quality of art. He discusses these experiences in publications such as the short documentary “Jaiquan’s Sketch” from Motto Pictures. Jaiquan’s work focuses on using traditional materials and working from life. Now, Jaiquan is attending part time classes to complete his MAT, and works full time as a substitute art teacher. In his teaching, he strives to share what he has learned as an artist and to inspire hope in others who may have faced similar obstacles

Kenneth Fitzpatrick

Irish- African- American

Kenneth Fitzpatrick was born and raised in New York City. While a student at the High School of Art & Design, he received the Seeds of the League Jack Kamen Scholarship. The combination of his HSAD instruction and the Kamen Scholarship contributed to his P.S. Art award, a citywide competition for Pre-K to 12, culminating in an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Currently, he is completing a degree in game development. Ken’s work focuses on compositional storytelling using the mediums oil, graphite, watercolor, tattoo, and digital art.

Amberrose Venus-Gordon

Afro Caribbean American

Amberrose Venus-Gordon resides in Brooklyn, New York. She has a BFA in painting with a double minor in art history, and museum and gallery practices from Pratt Institute. Amberrose’s interest in working with children and her sensitivity to them, is apparent in how she captures their innocence in her carefully felt works. She focuses heavily on iconic symbols that are indicative of one’s childhood. Amberrose currently works as a teaching artist at the Renaissance Charter Schools 1 and 2 and teaches Saturday virtual art classes at The Broadway Performing Arts Center. 

Clayton Andrew Griffith


Clayton was born and raised in New York. He is twenty-eight years old, and uses pronouns he/him/they/them.  Clayton is currently enrolled at LaGuardia Community College and has studied figure drawing at the League for four years. He generally works in sketchbooks but occasionally works digitally using Procreate. Outside of art, their interests lie in environmentalism and movements focusing on a less industrialized and mass producing society.

Sonomi Kobayashi


Born and raised in Japan, Sonomi Kobayashi is a New York-based artist, art educator, and independent curator. Her work has been exhibited in the United States, Japan, and Europe. Since 2013, Sonomi has been teaching artmaking to children enrolled in NYC Parks Learning Labs and adults in Arts, Culture and Fun workshops throughout Manhattan. In 2019, the Mayoral Service Recognition Program awarded her a Certificate of Appreciation for her outstanding efforts.

Noelani Renderos


Noelani Renderos is a current senior at Bergen County Technical High School – Teterboro, majoring in Commerical Art and Graphic Design. Noelani has been a Seeds of the League scholarship recipient since 2017. She expresses herself by bringing all the worlds she thinks of to life. Taking classes at the League has helped her to further develop her art practice. Noelani is passionate about promoting the Seeds program so other students can have the opportunity she has had working with the League’s incredible teachers. She plans on continuing art making in the future as she pursues a career in concept art and animation. Noelani was awarded Gold and Silver Keys by the Scholastic Art Competition. Her work was also selected and featured in the Celebrating Art 2017 Publication.

John Vargas

Mexican – American

John Vargas is a Brooklyn based animator and Illustrator. He earned his BFA in studio art with a concentration in Digital Design from the City College of New York. John works in both digital and traditional mediums, such as pen and ink. He reads books to continue learning innovative approaches to drawing and animating to share with students. When John is not working, he is honing his drawing skills outdoors or at the Art Students League.