My name is Lois Chang, and I would like to study at The Art Students League to explore different mediums and styles of art. I also aim to strengthen my portfolio to improve my chances of being accepted into Laguardia High School or Art and Design High School. Ultimately, I hope to use my artistic skills to inspire others around the world.


In terms of my future career aspirations, I want to become a product designer, mainly because my mother works in this field and her work fascinates me. Witnessing her designs displayed on billboards in New York City is truly inspiring, and I aspire to create a similar impact through my own work.

“Ultimately, I hope to use my artistic skills to inspire others around the world.”


An artist that has greatly influenced me is my mother. She is a lead product designer at HBO, and her accomplishments have been a source of inspiration for me. When my mother first arrived in this country, she painted an acrylic artwork depicting two bowls. One bowl had chopsticks on top, while a fork rested on the other bowl. The background was composed of a collage of Korean and American newspapers. This painting symbolizes her Korean heritage and American identity. My mother played a crucial role in helping me understand the significance of art and how it can be used as a means of self-expression. She is the driving force behind my current artistic journey. I created a self-portrait that represents my identity as a Korean American, which was displayed at MoMA as part of the Manhattan Borough Arts Festival in 2023. Through the Manhattan Borough Arts Festival, I was awarded a scholarship to take classes at the Art Students League.

Overall, studying at The Art Students League will provide me with the necessary tools and opportunities to explore various art forms and styles. It will enable me to enhance my skills, develop a strong portfolio, and pave the way for a successful career in product design. I am grateful for the scholarship at The Arts Students League and the guidance and inspiration provided by my mother, as she has played an integral role in shaping who I am today.

Simon Baruch Middle School 
Korean American

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