As an Architectural designer and artist, I want to work with the sculpture teachers at the Art Students League and learn the fundamentals of large-scale sculpture.

As a young kid I always wanted to be an artist and architect and wanted to be known as a craftsman- someone others viewed as a maker of things.

Marcel Duchamp’s painting, Nude Descending a Staircase, has been a huge inspiration for me. His work challenges the idea of painting the figure and introduces time and abstract form. Michaelangelo was another big inspiration because he is considered a sculptor, painter, and architect. Since I was a sophomore in high school I dedicated my life to architecture, sculpture and painting in a similar manner.

Seeds alum David Bermudez launched DEZMO, an architecture and design collective with a fellow Cooper Union Architecture graduate, Mohamed Mousa.  

High School of Art and Design
Cooper Union
Seeds of the League Scholarship- 2015-2021
Puerto Rican

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