An artist has always been the most impressive and appealing job anybody could have. Even as a child I knew how much work it took to get to a professional level as an artist, I’ve always practiced to better myself in my art. I researched techniques and sure-fire ways to teach myself to draw and bring to life what I imagined. Despite this, I’ve had a lack of professional teaching.

My biggest inspirations are Tyler Jacobson and Mike Mignola despite having completely distinct art styles. From Mike Mignola, I am completely in love with his unique style that portrays such bizarre things in his comics like Hellboy and allows him to give us monsters and creatures in a real distinct look. He taught me that a difference in style for the same subject matter gives it such a completely different feeling. Conversely, Tyler Jacobson is a concept artist and I know him primarily through his artwork for the Dungeons and Dragons Roleplaying Game. He portrays monsters and strange creatures as well by giving them a much more painted, almost renaissance look and encapsulates their horrifying presence and destructive essence.

I want to be more dynamic and dramatic with my art so that it can invoke a feeling that wouldn’t be evident without it. I believe that through studying at the Arts Students League of New York I could reach new heights in my art skills and really hone them into what I want them to be.

Queensborough Community College
Seeds of the League Scholarship-2020

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