Adrian had always known he was a gifted and talented artist growing up, but he never had the resources to fully explore this talent. Raised in a single-parent household in Indianapolis, like many young creatives, pursuing art was not a respectable or realistic career path.

While attending Indiana University pursuing a major in T.V Production and Design, Adrian attended his first art class, Intro to Drawing, during his junior year. Since then, it opened a window of opportunities and interests where he then decided to pick up a minor in art. After graduating from Indiana University, he still had the drive to continue to paint and pursue a career path in art which led him to New York City. While in New York, Adrian created an art studio at his retail job and spent time painting outside in the neighborhood. Like an “answered prayer” he discovered the League from a friend. He wanted to take art classes and feel a sense of community.

Although Adrian’s creative inspirations draw from art, fashion, music, and social issues, there is one force that really drives the focus of his work–God. After a dream about his work bringing life to people in a new and inspiring way, he’s been working on a series of pieces that focuses on waves and water. Inspired by God’s creations in the natural world, his work serves as a vessel to heal people.

The next big thing Adrian is working on is a more modern depiction of still lives that captures the very essence and beauty of simple objects that resonates with today’s culture. Gravitating towards the classic nature of oil paint along with his love for still lives, he seeks to illustrate these objects through a modern twist with elements of satire and humor.

Not only does Adrian desire to be featured in museums and galleries around the world, he also seeks to inspire people with his story and to help heal people in a spiritual way through his artwork– he believes all things are possible.

High School of Art and Design
Indiana University
Seeds of the League Scholarship- 2018-2019

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