I graduated from the High School of Art and Design majoring in Illustration but decided not to pursue the arts in college. Although I am still not pursuing the arts professionally, the absence of art and creating art has made me realize how important it is to me, from being able to communicate my thoughts to connecting with my peers.  


“I’ve come to recognize that art reflects ourselves and our lived experiences…and that people are inherently driven to create.”


I was talking to one of my close friends a while back, since we both struggled a lot in figuring out what we wanted to do in college, especially since it feels like a decision that may affect the rest of our lives. Because it often feels like the world undervalues art and artists, we have struggled with the choice of pursuing fields deemed “respectable,” and balancing art as a hobby. This balancing act has proved to be unsustainable, and my friend decided to pursue art instead, stating that “creating art is something akin to breathing and living, it’s just something that [we] have to do.” This thought has stuck with me. I’ve come to recognize that art reflects ourselves and our lived experiences (something I tried to convey in my AP Art portfolio from last year), and that people are inherently driven to create. Kids from prehistoric times were creating cave paintings, medieval scholars sketched pictures in the margins of their manuscripts, and art was (and is) a way for people to communicate beyond language. 

With this, I realized that I still want to pursue illustration as well as other mediums and apply my artistic pursuits to my studies in Anthropology in college. I am interested in Art History and the ways that people have been creating art since it has been documented. At the Art Students League, I look forward to returning to the studio setting that I loved so much in high school, and to improving my skills and the ways I look at and approach art.

Hunter College

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