If someone asked me to pinpoint the moment I began loving art, I would not be able to. Art has always been there with me: when I sewed clothes for my Barbies, when I picked my outfits for school, and even when I drew chalk snails on the hot summer asphalt as a kid. I first began taking art seriously when I applied for high school. I spent evenings and weekends working on my portfolio, groveling away despite frustration and fatigue. Love tends to prove itself during challenging occasions. When creating my portfolio for high school, I felt that my love for the subject drove me to sacrifice all my time and energy toward a goal. This attitude continued to motivate me beyond my acceptance.

After having majored in Graphic Design at the Art and Design High School for the past three years, it is time for me to apply for college. While in school, I developed visual communication and graphic design into a passion – I have grown accustomed to thinking in type, talking in composition, and walking in color schemes. But, as I am slowly preparing myself to become a part of the “real” world, I find unexplored potential in unfamiliar mediums. I want to study the human figure and include more tangible, traditional work in my portfolio.

I must also consider something a bit less exciting: money. Unfortunately, being immigrants, my family is not in a position to afford paying my tuition out of pocket, even with student aid. This extends to tutoring and art classes. Seeds of the League would allow me to partake in professional studio time, expand my horizons, and develop a stronger portfolio for college.

High School of Art and Design
Cornelia T. Bailey Scholarship-2022

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