My name is Maya Vazquez, I was born to a Puerto Rican artist and a baker who immigrated from Belize, Central America. I currently live in a 2-family house with my mom and grandparents. From an early age I have always wanted to create art – it simultaneously fascinates and comforts me. Growing up in a Latino family plays a part in my artwork whether it is a still life or a creative piece. I’m drawn more to themes in Latino culture and art because that is what I was exposed to as a child. I have always been interested in studying at the Art Student League because I want to develop my art skills for the future.

I am not very sure what I specifically want to do when I am older, all I know is that I want to be in a productive career that is centered around art. Most importantly, I am hoping to be in a career where work doesn’t feel like work and is something that I feel happy doing most of the time.

My inspiration comes from the supportive people in my life and from great artists that I look up to like Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, and my dad who influenced me the most. My father was a freelance artist and taught me the basics of art at a very young age. I was always surrounded by works of art, usually my father’s. I was also surrounded by volumes of books about the lives of famous artists my father loved and eventually I grew to love and admire them myself. My dad always had a great deal of different mediums laying around in what he called his sanctuary, also known as my dad’s studio. He often would encourage me to paint and draw with him as he worked. He sadly died when I was very young and what I miss the most is the fact that I still had more to learn from him. After his death, I am still drawing and painting because of how much he influenced my love for art.

High School of Art and Design
Spielberger-Spanierman Scholarship-2021
Puerto Rican/Belizean/Mexican/Mayan Indian

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