My name is Giselle Cordero, and I am a sixteen-year-old artist currently studying illustration at the Art and Design High School. My ultimate goal is to become a remarkable artist. I love to say that I have been creating art ever since I could hold a pencil and to some extent, I believe it’s true. I am truly passionate about creating artwork that will turn heads. I believe I could work on the more fundamental aspects of artwork when it comes to drawing and painting. Mastering the fundamentals ensures a sturdy base upon which to build extended concepts.

To be honest, I’m not 100% sure what I want to pursue in the future. I did mention my passion for art, yet I’m unsure if I want to pursue a career in the arts. As a high school junior, I am doing the best I can to dabble in a variety of different possible careers by entering programs or taking classes about them. So far, I have found significant interest in modeling, vintage illustration, photography, fashion design, psychology, and film. As you can see, I am currently going through a trial-and-error process when it comes to choosing what I see myself doing in the future.

The artists that inspire me the most have been both James Jean and Andrew Loomis. James Jean is my number one inspiration when it comes to creating conceptual art. His pieces are all unique and offer a set of ideas left to the viewer to decipher. This is one of the things I long to do with my artwork, which is why I eagerly want to learn the fundamentals of drawing and painting. It would help me increase the quality and overall simplify the process of creating conceptual artwork, so I have a strong base to build upon. Andrew Loomis has always been the one artist I go to when I’m struggling with portraiture, anatomy, and proportions. His books are filled with valuable information and his way of breaking it down for the reader has helped me considerably improve my artwork. I am an individual who is always passionate about learning new things and improving my art skills to reach my full potential.

High School of Art and Design
Spielberger-Spanierman Scholarship-2020-2021

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