The artist that influenced me the most would be my teacher, Mr. Weinstein, who helped me improve my artwork. I would not have gotten as much into watercolors as I did if not for him. He also taught me how to use oil techniques in watercolor.

I think that the human figure is really beautiful, and I’m interested in getting better at drawing figures. I got into art in eighth grade and my dream then was to work in games studios since I liked the idea of working with other people on a project. However, right now, I like the idea of doing some independent projects. I also want to learn more about making music because I feel that it is something that can complement my artwork.

My favorite type of media was always video games and movies because of their way of bringing together every facet of creative expression, from storytelling to voice acting, from visual art to music, and from 3d modeling to painting. One of my favorite artists is Norman Rockwell because of his technique and skill as well as his ability to tell stories. I think that he brings to life the expression on his figures. I always think to myself that one day I will be able to do something like that. I’m always excited about the prospects of learning and always ready to improve my technique.

High School of Art and Design
Cornelia T. Bailey Scholarship-2022

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