Hello, my name is Aurora Dislaking. I would like to study at the Art Students League in order to better master my craft and expand myself into new mediums within an environment conducive to creating and mastering skill sets, while supported by other artists.

I have been to the ASL before, and I would like to return because it is an excellent environment to learn in. Your institution provides a wonderful experience for the art community in allowing not only professional bonds to develop amongst artists, but an exchange of knowledge and different skill sets to be explored outside of academia. This creates discipline within myself, the student, and allows me to be fully curious without the fear of judgement or failure. In providing such an environment it also allows the student to freely explore new art styles and easily develop interpersonal relationships that may come in handy when establishing an art career (which I would like to do in the near future).

I would specifically like to take the Lithography/Woodprint/Etching class because I have a certain style of pencil drawing that I think would translate beautifully into printmaking and would specifically allow me to expand into making designs for prints and clothes.

Ali Forney Center
Spielberger-Spanierman Scholarship-2020

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