Art has always been something I’ve been interested in. It might be because I was quite timid, and art became a means for me to articulate my thoughts and emotions. Whether I was doing art projects for school or creating visuals for different subjects, I always enjoyed creating. I find myself sketching daily to simply release my emotions onto pages because I feel as though art has been a constant companion throughout my life.


“I felt intimidated and insecure about my abilities but as soon as I started working, I felt alive in a way I hadn’t since my early days learning jewelry making.”


One of my greatest joys as an artist is sketching people and places. I appreciate the process of capturing the intricate details of a setting, as well as the light and the shadows that make up the subtleties of a character. It is these moments of recreating personal memories in my art that help me appreciate the external beauty of life.

Joining this art internship is not just an opportunity, it is a natural progression of my artistic journey. Since I’ve only really focused on a few art mediums, I want to expand my skills and go out of my comfort zone. I seek an environment where my passion can be nurtured and challenged, where I can learn from experienced mentors, and where I can collaborate with fellow artists. This internship represents a gateway to further refine my skills, explore new techniques, and immerse myself in a community that shares my passion for artistic expression.

An artist that always inspires me is Vincent Van Gogh. When I am creating scenery, I’m reminded that there are ways I can convey emotions through a simple drawing such as a mountain or a house. Van Gogh’s innovative use of color and brush strokes as well as his ability to convey deep emotions through his pieces have left an impact on me and many other artists.

City-As High School
Speilberger Spanierman Scholarship

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