When I was younger, I was set on becoming a biochemist and making art would just be a hobby. However, about a year ago when I moved to America, I’ve been more interested in becoming an artist full-time. Ever since My teacher told me about the Art Students League, I knew I had to apply. I wanted to be surrounded by aspiring artists like myself, to interact with and be taught by professionals. I was intrigued by their techniques and journeys to where they are today. 

“a painting does not have to be perfect, it only has to capture the main essence “


I am currently taking the graphic design program at Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical High School. Graphic Design is a wonderful way to not only be creative but also advertise products in a unique way. With the help of professionals from the Art Students League I will be able to understand ways of capturing everyday things and turning them into masterpieces with art media. 

Vincent van Gogh is my favorite artist, his artworks influenced me more as a person and how I see the world. Vincent was well known to many and his most famous was “The Starry Night” but my ultimate favorite is “Wheat field with Crows”. Not only does this painting have highly contrasting colors but the feeling of it is nostalgic. I grew up around the countryside and this specific artwork perfectly captured that feeling. From the dark blue sky to the wheat gently swaying with the cool wind. It taught me to never forget where I came from.

Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical High School
Seeds of the League

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