2014-In the Seeds of the League Summer Program I hope to develop new techniques, gain new ideas for my future art pieces, and brush up on basic painting skills. This program will also help me with completing my high school art portfolio. Painting is an outlet in which I can express my feelings and ideas on a canvas.

Learning to paint realistically is one of my main goals while attending this summer program. I want my portraits and still lives to have greater details, values, and proportions. Another goal I hope to accomplish would be creating a landscape painting. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to attend the Seeds of the League summer arts program.

2018-I’m the founder of The Capital Arts Program, an organization that hosts free art classes for children in Albany on Saturdays.

2022-Looking back over our ten-year history we are pleased to see Carena Carrington’s growth and accomplishments over the years.

High School of Art and Design
University at Albany
Jack Kamen Scholarship-2014

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