After High School, I plan to pursue higher education in the field of animation and art. Eventually, I aspire to be an independent animator or illustrator and see myself working on projects such as short films and commercials. As a kid, I was most drawn to animation films that depicted real-life stories and situations. My fondest memories were watching the characters come to life and recognizing these were not actors but, in fact, illustrations drawn by people with big imaginations. I was fascinated by this world of creation and began my journey of admiration and love of the animation world.

I now spend most of my free time researching the behind-the-scenes of the latest animation movies and games to further my knowledge in the field. I love trying to replicate the designs and characters, adding my spin to their colors and movement. I strongly feel the classes offered through the Arts Student League will allow me to further my study and exposure to all aspects of the animation industry. I am especially looking forward to working with like-minded individuals who share my passions and learning from them how to transform our ideas into visual storytelling.

High School of Art and Design
Spielberger-Spanierman Scholarship-2021

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