Maya Carino is a Brooklyn born, multi-disciplinary Latinx artist working to relocate to Mexico. While attending classes at the League Carino wrote, “This was one of the first artistic communities I truly felt a part of, and they all thoroughly influenced my work. I became friends with many of the students and art models.”

Carino’s work has been exhibited in Mexico, Europe, and across the United States. Her work draws inspiration from her Mexican roots. Carino had worked as an apprentice for ceramicist Simon Martines Lopez studying traditional clay folk art in Acatlan de Osorio, Mexico. Below is a link to her account of this experience. She runs an Etsy shop, Mundx Maya, where she shares her artistic practice and work and sells art from when she studied at the Art Students League.

High School of Art & Design Alum
Jack Kamen Scholarship 2013

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