I would love a chance to study at the Art Students League because I have a love for art and expression. I have always taken art classes since I was young, but they always seemed to get canceled due to low funding at my old schools which made me feel absolutely crushed. My father also taught me how to draw and I would patiently watch him which always spiked an interest in me.

The Art Students League would give me the chance to develop and enhance my creativity and teach me how to make different kinds of art with my own meaning and interpretations. When I grow up, I would like to be a therapist and I’d also like to have my own clothing line. I think psychology has a lot to do with the art we see all the time. Two of my favorite artists and biggest influences, Paulo Zerbato and Pablo Picasso, show a lot of psychological factors in their art. They depict emotions that could be perceived in many different ways.

Richard Owens, one of my biggest fashion influences, conveys a darker impression to his clothing which I also think has everything to do with art. The fashion industry contains so much creativity and expression which I find is another style of art. The ideas and possibilities are endless.

“When I create my own art whether it’s a drawing, painting, or anything it’s my perspective but I’m also open to other people’s perspectives as well. I think every piece of art has a meaning or background to it and could be interpreted in many ways.”

There is so much creativity in the world and for me art isn’t just the act of craft or technique but it’s also a coping mechanism and allows people to get everything that’s inside out.

City as School High School
Spielberger-Spanierman Scholarship-2021

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