Typically, I create at home and take a sort of all-or-nothing attitude toward it, so I push off making art until I have several hours of free time, which doesn’t happen as often as I would like. I am not good at stopping and taking breaks while completing a project, especially a collage, and I think that is a weakness. Often when I make art, everything else in the world leaves my mind for as many hours as it takes to get all the ideas in my head onto paper. I think working in an environment where other people are coming in to create would be cool because it would be grounding, and I could work on taking breaks and letting art come to me a little more naturally, rather than just letting it surge through me.

“I am also very passionate about community organizing and social justice… “

When I grow up, I want to major in fiber arts in college and do loom weaving. I am also very passionate about community organizing and social justice, and I want to find a way to combine these three things. I play in a band, and I want to continue making music as long as I walk the earth. In my older adult years, I want to teach children. The artist that inspires me most is Lisa Anne Auerbach, because of the way she does sort of cutesy mixed with political commentary and creates potent irony and sarcasm.

City-As High School
Speilberger-Spanierman Scholarship-2023

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