Right now, I want to study at the Art Students League to improve my figure drawing and develop strong portfolio pieces for college. When I began pursuing art in eighth grade, my dream was to work in a game studio. I really liked the idea of working collaboratively with others on a project. Currently, I like the idea of working on more independent projects. I am also interested in learning about making music because music is something that can complement my artwork. My favorite types of media have always been video games and movies. I appreciate how they bring together so many different facets of creative expression, from storytelling to voice acting, from visual art to music, from 3-D modeling to painting. 

“I am finally in a comfortable position with my art and can further experiment with styles, color, and new themes.”


The artist that has influenced me the most is my teacher, Richard Weinstein. He has really challenged me to improve my artwork. Without him, I would not have gotten into watercolors. He also taught me how to combine oil techniques with watercolors. One of my favorite artists is Normal Rockwell because of how he applies techniques in his work and his ability to tell stories. He really brings life to the expression in his figures. One day, I want to be able to make art like him. As an artist, I am always excited to learn new things and am ready to improve. 

High School of Art and Design

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