I’m Aaron Dominguez, a Mexican American. My family is from Hidalgo, Mexico. I’ve lived in NYC my whole life with my mom, dad, and brother. As a kid I was always drawing with my dad; it was a way we could spend time together and I valued it. When I showed the rest of my family my drawing, I liked that they all saw different things when I showed them the same image. It was fascinating to know there were so many perspectives based on one image.

As I grew up, I drew more and my father continued to guide me through it, always giving me tips on what to do, how my composition could change, what colors would be better, etc. When I was younger and had to ask my father to sign my papers for school, my teacher would ask whether my dad was an artist because of his intricate signature. I told her no, but had she asked today, I’d say yes.

My father may not be a professional artist, nor has he taken any art classes or drawn for anything other than fun. Instead, he is a construction worker who also owns an auto body shop where he works at the office. But he is an artist, nonetheless. He holds a vision on things that is hard to find, a beautiful perspective that pushes boundaries, questions more, and isn’t scared to go into the unknown.

When I started high school I practiced more, improving each time and my mother always asked where I got it from. I’d say it’s been practice more than anything, so much practice and so many times where it felt overwhelming, but I always came back and worked on whatever piece I was doing because at the end of the day I love it. I love making pieces where I can illustrate how my mind works, where I can try to understand other perspectives and human behavior.

I am fascinated with this concept and love the process that creating art causes. Art makes me think deeper about everything: who I am, how color works, how lines work with one another, for instance. My father with his technical abilities, giving me tips on what could work in my piece, my mother always encouraging and believing in me; my brother who has been like a third parent. They have all expanded my perspective on what I call art, always teaching me about things I didn’t know existed. So, when I’m asked what artist influenced me the most, I’d say my family.

High School of Art and Design
Spielberger-Spanierman Scholarship- 2022
Mexican American

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