Since I want to become a game developer, I find it important to improve my skills to make the experience more visually pleasing to the player. The scenes, characters, and items should immerse the player in an exciting fantastical world, which means the art should be believable. I can achieve that by drawing and painting from life. By developing my understanding of anatomy, lighting, and form I will be able to manipulate and bend these rules to create a seemingly real and lively world. This means the experience will have lesser visual errors that may be a glaring distraction for the player.

Currently, my biggest inspiration is the art team behind a recent video game called Hades. Based on Greek Mythology, the world the game takes place in creates an interesting atmosphere that subverts my expectations of what the underworld would look like. Each stage the player is set in has its own unique color palette and tone but are similar enough to not take you out of the world that is Hades. The same can be said about the characters in the game, each with a twist on what someone can imagine Greek gods would look like. The outfit designs keep the motifs of long drapes, floral designs, and angelic motifs associated with Greek art, incorporating modern ideals. Everything is drawn with some cartoonish elements like varying line weights while keeping realistic proportions, form, and rendering styles. Because of these qualities, this style is one I would like to try and replicate when making my games.

LaGuardia Community College
African American
Spielberger-Spanierman Scholarship-2021

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