I am K.C. Amable, an extrovert-introvert native New Yorker. At a young age, I pursued an Illustration major at the High School of Art & Design in Manhattan, having work featured at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The National Gallery in D.C. My constant strive – due to my avocation in portrait painting – is to incorporate human qualities into our graphic and digital world, whether it is tactile, semiotic, or visual. This can also be said through my relationship with painting; as my style mimics very graphic and bold choices, yet still captures what I believe is real in a person. With all of our infinite possibilities and chances, I choose to see things through my personal lens, which always starts with a paintbrush or pencil in my hand.

“The Art Students League has always been my sanctuary as someone that seeks life-drawing and painting as a way to enhance my creative abilities as a designer.”

Honorably, I have been a Seeds student since 2013 and I’ve given so much credit to the school for strengthening my skills as a representational artist. With my avocation, my ultimate goal growing up has always been to become an Art Director with multifaceted interests in the illustrative publication industry and magazines.

My favorite artists go from traditional yet controversial portrait painters such as Edouard Manet to more contemporary technical portrait painters such as Felicia Forte. My endless inspiration is studying the beautiful strokes Forte emulates yet providing more hidden symbolic context to my portraits as Manet has in the past. Although I am still a developing young artist, eventually I aspire to figure out my own particular style. That is why I believe studying at the League again will provide a rewarding opportunity to engage in continuous learning.

With the help of studying human anatomy, my next aspirations lay in translating portraiture into a more digitally graphic realm which will help me grow as both an artist and designer.

On January 31, 2022, K.C. began her job as a junior designer for Ahoy Studios, a boutique agency. Congratulations, K.C. from your Seeds family!

High School of Art and Design-2016
BFA, Parsons School of Design-2020
Jack Kamen Scholarship 2013-2015
Seeds of the League Scholarship 2016-2019
Spielberger & Spanierman Scholarship 2020-2021
Caucasian, Latin/Native American, Japanese

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