My name is Ashley Cezaire, and I’m a senior continuing my journey of creating a portfolio that studies the topic of home: finding a home (mentally and physically) and what home means to me. In Art and Design, I am an Illustration student, and my instructor is James Harrington. Together, we were able to find some strengths and weaknesses with my AP Portfolio.

Because of these strengths and weaknesses, Mr. Harrington has sent me a list of classes that he finds fit for me. In terms of strengths, I am highly interested in color and how that can make or break a piece. In terms of weaknesses, I struggle with creating work quickly and as Mr. Harrington likes to say, I’m scared of paint. I love paint as a medium, however, I struggle with the technical aspect when painting. With these traits in mind, at the Art Students League, I hope to make pieces promptly, combat my fear of paint, and explore more when it comes to color.

However, these classes are not only for helping me build my portfolio, but also, for investigating how art is perceived and taught. In terms of college, I want to major in art and psychology to become an art therapist. Art has personally helped me express myself as well as influenced my view of the world. I think that if everyone who shies away from art due to the fear of having to be a talent, but instead used it to express themselves, they would be able to more confidently express their emotions, understand certain situations, communicate better, and heal from trauma. In a classroom setting with instructors, I’m hoping to learn a little bit of art from a different view. All in all, I know the experience will be great, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

High School of Art and Design
Cornelia T. Bailey Scholarship-2022

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