When I am older, in the sense that I have graduated not only high school but college as well, I want to be one of the women I have always looked up to. The women wearing suits and heels into their office. The woman running a coffee shop and showing little girls that it is possible. A woman in business. Now business is a broad statement. What kind of business may be asked… well that’s the idea. It opens the door to anything I truly aspire to do. For me, that’s managing. Especially seeing women in the business where I work. Being able to see how hard they worked and how much effort was put into the business that they can fully call their own. A business that inspires everyone. I know it is not an easy field, especially since women don’t have it that easy in any field. However, I do not only want to be in management.

I grew up surrounded by the arts. My dad is a musician and my mom, while working at a school, draws as if art is going out of style. She owned a gallery before I was born so art was appreciated throughout my childhood. That appreciation has lasted. Not only her art but my dad’s. I play guitar every day and sing my heart out to any song I want while truly appreciating the meaning and the work that goes into these works of art. I have opened my eyes to not only business in managing but business within the arts: music specifically. All art holds such a special place in my heart and mind, as it is a source of peace for me. I don’t think I will ever grow out of that. I am beyond grateful for the culture of art I grew up around. I went to the MET almost every weekend with my mom and her friends. Although I wasn’t the best at drawing every statue, I sat there and observed. I observed the work, the art, and the people around me. It was so memorable to see how much the hard work was appreciated, and I am so honored to share these memories from when I was younger in my career now. I hope that little Zoe will be as proud of me when I’m older, as she was of every single woman in business.

City-As-School High School
Cornelia T. Bailey Scholarship-2023

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