My name is Jadeyn Madhere, and I am currently a sophomore student at the High School of Art and Design. I want to pursue an apprenticeship and become a renowned female tattoo artist. I know that most people believe that tattooing is taboo, however it can have far more to offer than what is portrayed. As a tattoo artist, you are giving somebody a piece of art that would be on them forever, potentially representing who they are or who they want to be.

For me, the art of tattooing is a vessel to express myself which in turn became a mental haven. I want to carry that sentiment through to my potential clients. When I become a tattoo artist, I want to break the mold of being a copycat tattoo artist that consistently creates skulls and roses. Instead, I want to introduce new concepts and create something exclusively related to me. I want my art hanging on the walls.

In the words of my greatest inspiration Nephtali Madhere, my brother, “…successful art does not have to rely on likeness, it is more about where your intentions lie…”.

High School of Art and Design
Cornelia T. Bailey Scholarship-2022

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