It was hard for me to figure out what I really loved as a young adult because I had to live as an independent immigrant and was busy chasing after others. I struggled to fit into society and worked like a robot. All the stress and pressure made me tired of everything, thus, I decided to have a moment to think about what makes me happy. Only one thing came into my mind–painting, a language that I can express myself with, heart to heart. This is the reason why I want to study at the Art Students League. I’m planning to go back to school and need help with developing my portfolio. Attending the Art Students League while in high school was memorable and helpful for me to think deeper as an artist and it would be wonderful if there is a chance to revisit and learn.

Recently, I contacted my very first art teacher Mr. Harrington who suggested I apply as a Seeds student. Many feelings went through when I decided to go back to painting. I just wanted to say thank you to him since he was the first person who taught me what art really is.

He told me that “Being an artist is a leap of faith; you just need to do it. As artists, we must do it, or we cannot be happy.”

His words immediately hit me through the heart and gave me the strength to trust myself as an artist. Personally, I am very thankful to have someone who believed in me as an artist and that inspired me to keep moving. He went to the same high school as me and now teaches there. His passion towards students and art made me go back to art. My goal is to become like him and support young artists with passion. One day, I will teach a class and spread my love for art.

Queens College
Jack Kamen Scholarship- 2021

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