I want to learn new things that I haven’t learned before to help me become more creative and think of art ideas. I just started middle school, and so far, I have several ideas of what I want to be when I grow up. I was thinking of being an architect, painter, or economist. But overall, I want to do something within the art major because I have developed a passion for it. I have been learning a lot about art these past years and I feel like it has become a part of me.

I say art is a part of me because that’s the way I express my ideas and emotions.

The artist that has influenced me the most is Vincent Van Gogh because I admire his artwork; his landscape paintings are so meaningful to me because of the image it creates in my mind. It has influenced me to draw detailed observations of objects such as flowers, guitars, and sculptures. His self-portrait has also inspired me to draw portraits of other people. Hopefully I can draw a self-portrait of myself. As for the present and future, I hope to become more advanced as an artist and learn more about art techniques to create artwork I can be proud of.

Frank Sinatra High School of the Arts
Seeds of the League Scholarship-2018-2019
Seeds of the League Scholarship-2021-2022

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