Being a student at the Art Students League for the past three years has been a privilege. I took ASL classes whenever my family could afford them or when I had scholarships. Thanks to Greg Follender’s and Amy Weiskopf’s Aspiring Artists (2022-2023) classes, I improved my skills, received support and guidance, and strengthened my artistic confidence. In future classes at the League, I will continue improving my classic draftsmanship and venture into 3D explorations like ceramics and wax.


“When someone views my work, I want them to understand how much attention and detail went into it.”


I plan to study art in college to prepare myself for a career in illustration and design and to obtain a master’s degree to pursue art-direction, curatorial work, or teaching. I want to study further for a couple of reasons. Studying art after high school will allow me to master classic processes and traditional formulas but also engage with new, dynamic, and creative ideas. I am also interested in continuing my artistic studies so that I can employ my skills towards social change, because I believe art inspires people to do good. Art can be an effective tool for changing cultural norms. For example, if I work in art education, I would like to guarantee access to art classes in K-12 public schools in NYC. 

I enjoy creating art because it grounds me. All my focus and energy flow into my work because I want each completed piece to shine with care. When someone views my work, I want them to understand how much attention and detail went into it. This desire is inspired by my fascination with a French Rococo artist. Jean-Honoré Fragonard has significantly affected the way I view and make art. Seeing his work Progress of Love in the Frick Museum showed me that when an artist deeply cares about each detail, the viewer can become enveloped in the same sentiments that seized the artist. This is how art conquers time. Other artists I love are Hans Holbein, Edmund Dulac, Kay Nielsen, and the contemporary artist Nina Katchadourian.

High School of Art & Design
Bulgarian / Cuban

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