Ever since I can remember, I loved to draw. I was transfixed by the way the lines would inch their way across the paper into a sprawling landscape, a map to a yet undiscovered world. It was a language of its own, and it still is to me. A drawing is like a word that can be read a thousand different ways and still never be completely deciphered. That is one of the very beautiful things about art, it can have many interpretations to different people.

“I feel art is unique in its ability to both mimic and transform material reality simultaneously. I want to learn how to do a perfect replication of reality so that I press at the seams of it and mold it into new shapes. A thing that exists in a liminal state of real and not real, neither and both.”

Another thing I love about art is its ability to tell stories. I often come up with characters and lives based on the ones that I draw, twisting and interlocking narratives of mortality, love, substance, and death.

I always aim to make their lives heartbreakingly real and tangible, to bring them closer to the viewer’s heart. It would be better if the art could also share that quality of distinct realism. I want them to look like living, breathing human beings, frozen and preserved on the canvas- like someone you might have met or known or loved.

City-As-School High School
Spielberger-Spanierman Scholarship-2021
White (little bits of Irish, Dutch, Scandinavian, etc if I remember correctly)

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