Our unity is our strength, and our diversity is our power.

Vice President kamala harris

A moment collector, art director, tattoo artist, fashion designer, film director, baker, and a musical artist: these are just a few of the aspirations of this month’s Seeds scholars. While our scholars seek to devote their time to becoming better artists, they also express what has inspired them to pursue an artistic path. We have students from various backgrounds, all with similar fates and a true passion for multiple forms of art. Our September stories are captivating and encouraging to those who are artistically inclined.

Additionally, in recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month, we would like to highlight the contributions and influence of Hispanic Americans in the realm of the arts. For this month’s issue, we have featured an inspiring story from artist Wifredo Lam, a Cuban-born artist of Chinese, African, and Spanish descent, best known for his work that features Afro-Cuban imagery. In addition, 100% Faith Ringgold by Seeds staff member Vanessa Hernandez details the life and activism of our advisory board member. Social media breakout artist, Tony Gum, also inspires more than just her 40,000 Instagram followers with her photography work.

Thank you all and come visit Seeds again for our October Newsletter!

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