“Your life is already artful- waiting, just waiting, for you to make it art”

Toni Morrison

In celebration of the month of Halloween, Seeds features stories from artists that showcase the macabre and fantastical in their works of art and the Seeds scholars inspired by them. Students such as Alisa Francine Beck finds inspiration in the dark and ominous pieces of Francis Bacon, and Tracey Morgan Reveron is influenced by the monstrous creatures of Guillermo del Toro. In addition, we highlight Japanese artist Junji Ito, hailed as the master of horror manga, in our “Inspiration” segment.

Like always, we detail the stories of Seeds scholars whose passion for art began at a young age and inevitably runs deep. Our Seedlings write narratives of the role art plays in their lives and the ways it has shaped their identity, personality, and their very being. Our inspirational artists Kerry James Marshall and Chitra Ganesh also leave an impact on their respective communities and without a doubt serve as icons.


Anupa Mistry

Chitra Ganesh On The Value Of Process And What Success Actually Means

Stormie Mcneal

Junji Ito: An Introduction To The Master Of Madness

Wyatt Mason

Kerry James Marshall is Shifting the Color of Art History

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