“Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations.

Dr. Mae Jemison

As the weather grows colder, Seeds continues to warm hearts with more stories from inspirational artists and young students who aspire to enter artistic fields. The November issue of the Seeds of the League Newsletter presents stories from aspiring animator Joshua Myguni Hong, art director Erna Balayan, and tattoo artist Jadeyn Madhere. We also highlight students who detail their uncertainty of the career path they would like to pursue, but nonetheless practice their art skills to figure it out with the help of the Seeds program. 

In addition, “Spinky” Alston’s Spiraling Red Clay by Seeds Editor at Large, Vanessa Hernandez, chronicles the life of Charles Alston who was the first black Art Students Leagu­­­­­­­­e instructor. Alston, influenced by the red clay soil of North Carolina, has been the focus of many progressive artistic ventures for Harlem’s black art community. We also have inspirational stories from Kent Monkman, a Cree artist, known for paintings that“disrupts clichés of Native victimhood” and Little Amal, a ten-foot-tall puppet part of a theatrical project representing a Syrian refugee girl. 


Vanessa Hernandez

“Spinky” Alston’s Spiraling Red Clay

Catherine E. Shoichet

Why a giant puppet is walking the streets of new york

Holland cotter

A Cree Artist redraws history

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