In the flowering of my heart’s desire, I flutter my cells across the seas, into a higher breath where my body merges into moments of infinity. Swimming, swimming, into gentle feelings of self!

The Art Students League makes me feel one with my divinity. Surrounded by souls who too, are in communion with the creative essence within them, without judgment.

Each of us holds space within ourselves so our sacred light can shine through as art! Poetry! Music! Dance! We are all blossoming into one loving creation! When we hold space within ourselves, we hold space for others and become a community of stars and galaxies, spiraling in and out of hidden exploration.

The Art Students League has given me a sense of community and freedom that is normally very hard to find outside of myself. I feel welcomed by the warmth of the studio and blessed when my work is seen. I am currently writing and illustrating a book and recording an album. This is my destiny, to dance across my inner dimensions and express them through physical emotion.

Being here for two years, I continue to discover my light. Every moment is inspiration, the dust of my past blown away by breathless flight! Across the inner skies of my soul! We are all flying! All learning! All growing! Here to awaken again, again, and again, into the mystery of our nature.

Seeds of the League Scholarship-2018
Spielberger-Spanierman Scholarship-2020

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