Art has been a catalyst for many of my experiences and who I am today. Being lucky enough to attend a specialized arts high school, I learned to love the studio and appreciate the community around me as I grew alongside my peers. Although I am not pursuing art in college, I still want to maintain my connection to it since it has been with me nearly my entire life, and I want to continue to learn from it.

My main focus in school was illustration, and although I have interests in other forms of art like animation, those explorations only served to strengthen my abilities in illustration. Animation forced me to practice fluidity in line and form, and graphic design helped me plan compositions to make my pieces more balanced.

Art and illustration generally were the foundation for many of my friendships. I loved being in the art classroom. I loved the camaraderie among my classmates and running up ten flights of stairs to make it to my illustration class.

We weren’t afraid to ask each other for help, requesting critiques and tips while trying to get through our advanced placement portfolios. Our teacher would ask, “Will you give up?” Despite being close to giving up, we never did. Outside the class, I connected with people through our passion for art. Although separated by 2,441 miles, I had two close friends throughout high school, and we would often share our artwork through the internet or mail, supporting each other and being fuel for creation.

By going to the Art Students League, I hope to hone my abilities in creating illustrations that bring joy to others. During my senior year, I discovered my love of watercolor thanks to my illustration teacher, Mr. Weinstein, and I hope that going to the ASL will give me more opportunities to discover new mediums and to continue to improve in different aspects of my art.

My entire life has been shaped by art, and the lessons I’ve learned walk with me every step of the way. It is an extremely important part of me, and I want to continue to learn and create in a way that will leave an impact on others and myself.

High School of Art and Design
Cornelia T. Bailey Scholarship-2022

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