I have been drawn to portraiture from a young age so to be able to develop my skills around highly trained artists would be phenomenal. Shadows and depth of space have also proven to be quite challenging so I believe that practicing from observation could help build those skills. Most importantly, I hope to learn the representational aspects of creating art and focus on the creative aspects of producing art as well.

The Art Students League has been the pinnacle of study for art students in New York and has been brought up many times by teachers around my school. Drawing and painting from life have gained recognition from the institution and practicing it during the summer would help me better prepare for my future. I primarily chose the painting and drawing from life classes because becoming a painter/ illustrator is a career path that I hope to pursue.

Connecting with other artists in the field and learning from the instructors as I dive into the world of painting portraiture is why I chose this specific program.

By attending an art program in college as well as the League, I would be able to learn from the various creators around me. Attending classes would not only allow me to gain skills in representational art but also help me look at art in a different way. I have an interest in becoming an art director as well to look at the process of how art is exhibited. I aim to use the information I learn here to get ready for the career I may pursue as an artist.

High School of Art and Design
Seeds of the League Scholarship-2018-2020

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