Ever since I started to develop my skills in painting during high school, I have strived to further my talents and push myself in my creative process. As an artist, I want to improve my ability to create narratives through my paintings, whether it be a social message or a simple portrait. As of now, I am a recent graduate from the High School of Art and Design and am currently an illustration major in FIT. Being in this major has allowed me to practice my abilities and discover new techniques in the classroom that I now apply to my studies.

While my goal is to work with an advertising or commercial company as an illustrator, I want to have a range of styles and mediums that I can use to reach my client’s vision. I want to consistently live in that moment where I am constantly thinking about the next big idea that I want to create for a project and be able to execute it to the best of my ability. Being able to live my life creating art and making a career out of it is something I have wanted to achieve since middle school.

Fashion Institute of Technology
Seeds of the League Scholarship-2019

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