My first work of art was a character I named Celestia, and I immediately fell in love with her. I placed her on my living room wall and since that day I have been continuously drawing. I’ve experimented with multiple art styles trying to find the one that was the perfect fit for me.

Many things influence my art and art style such as, my friends, my mood, and the artist I like at any given time. By searching through YouTube videos and watching tutorials, I tried realism and manga-like drawings. I’m attracted to anime style drawings with a mix of realism, and. I like artists like Ross Draws and Love2DrawManga.

I drew art for my friends and teachers that I like. Ever since I went to middle school, I haven’t gotten a chance to draw. Most of the things I draw are small doodles in class but whenever I get a chance, I focus hard on it and use references, thereby creating something I think is beautiful and what other people would enjoy!

I want to be able to continue to grow and study art. I wish to create more beautiful things that make me and other people happy!

South Bronx Early College Academy Charter School
Spielberger-Spanierman Scholarship- 2021

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