Cultural identity finds its origin within the initial parameters of an individual’s nationality. At times, varying on the trajectory of the individual’s life, it is further molded by exposure to a variety of different cultures and educational systems. Due to my father’s profession, my family and I have been able to live between the United States and the native lands of my parents: Argentina and Uruguay. Consequently, I have decided to harness my cultural diversity and further investigate why it has always proved to be the source of my fascination through the creation of my artwork.

By exploring the socio-political and customary differences between the continents of North and South America, I can visually express the duality of my cultural identity.

I believe that by attending the Arts Students League I will be allowed to continue to develop my traditional foundational skills, such as painting and printmaking, that will later serve as tools for me to pursue future interests successfully. My summer experience with the League last year provided me with a renewed interest in traditional painting as well as a growing interest in other artistic fields such as printmaking and collage. I eagerly look forward to the summer and experiencing growth as an artist with the support of the League.

Tony Bennett Scholarship-2014
Jack Kamen Scholarship

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