I discovered my love for art when I was younger, and I would draw with my mother. In school, I had an art class and became enthralled with collage and painting. My school would have art fairs, and then I started painting and drawing on my own. The art that I produce is deeply rooted in my feelings and experiences, showcasing love, hate, isolation, and happiness. I find my feelings and emotions make the art rawer. In the future, it is my dream to have my art shown in galleries and to become mainstream. My culture, ethnicity, and identity inspire my art because I often showcase people of color and symbolism to societal issues.

My biggest inspiration is Vincent Van Gogh because his art is expressive and creatively in tune; it’s a source of what he was feeling and his issues. Frida Kahlo is another who broadly describes her emotions toward her culture and her injuries. Something I would like others to know is how much I believe art should be made to showcase a story – something that I try to convey.

Seeds of the League Scholarship-2019
African American

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