Elisha Marie Lopez (b. 1993) is an artist from Bronx, New York. As a sensitive soul, she channels her life experiences through artistic expression using mixed media.

Compelled to create in her youth, she was primarily self-taught before attending the High School of Art & Design. A few years into her prospective degree, Elisha decided to redirect her energy elsewhere and seize opportunities of artistic intent. She taught art to children for almost two years and continues to work for Drawing Booth. Outside of accredited institutions, the presentation of her work is indicative of her cumulative education and ingenuity.

Elisha is currently working on an illustration series inspired by her daughter.

“My desire to visually connect with my daughter, Luna, has compelled me to unravel the details of pregnancy that still remain an enigma. This series is about making ample wall space for our children’s memorabilia to keep us going.

To my surprise, sonograms exists as keepsakes. About 75 percent of the families I interviewed tucked away their pictures and about 1/4th of them misplaced their copies. As I became aware of the odd fate among sonograms and ultrasounds, I knew a change was needed. Now inspired by Nostalgic Matrescence, my resolve is to share this gift with all parents.”

She believes her audience comes from within and this belief preserves her faith that art has taken her where she is meant to be.

High School of Art and Design
Jack Kamen Scholarship-2011

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