“When we choose to wonder about people we don’t know, when we imagine their lives and listen for their stories, we begin to expand the circle of those we see as part of us. We prepare ourselves to love beyond what evolution requires.”

Valarie Kaur

Happy Spring! This month, we invite you to explore six new Seed students and alumni stories! Seedlings share about the importance of using their artwork to understand their emotions and reflect the complex world we live in. These young artists recognize that the path towards growing as an artist is winding and unpredictable, and there are endless possibilities as they begin to shape their futures as creatives. 

Learn more about artist Ruby Starr Lerman, who looks forward to combining her interests in fiber arts, community organizing, and social justice into a meaningful and fruitful career. Similarly, Kaya Sophia Jarvis strives to use their artwork to inspire and change the world. Giselle Cordero discusses her interests in storytelling and illustration, and her desire to expand upon her technical skills in the League’s studio environment. 

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