I want to study at the Art Students League so that I can further develop my art skills, and attending these classes will give me more of a sense of what kind of art I am interested in, and how to pursue that in college.

I also am currently working on putting together my portfolio to apply to competitive art colleges and I think attending class here could give me the competitive edge I need. When I grow up, I definitely want to do something related to the arts. I have thought a lot about working in an art museum or institution or something education related.

I am eager to find a way to give back to a community of artists and help provide younger artists with the resources they need to be successful in the art world.

The artist that has influenced me the most would probably be Salvador Dali because I like to paint landscapes and things in nature, and I have always wanted to experiment more with surrealism similar to his style, and also I just like to look at a lot of what he does. One of my favorite things about painting would be to study color and color theory, and place certain colors in their works.

City-As-School High School – 2021
Seeds of the League Scholarship 2021

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