I am interested in studying at the Art Students League because it is an amazing opportunity for me to grow as a young artist. Art is an integral part of my life, and being in an institution with other skilled artists is an ideal place for me to foster my passion. Art is my outlet to directly represent myself in ways I could not otherwise communicate or express, so studying at the Art Students League will help me discover new and improved ways to accurately create imagery and bring my imagination to life through painting. With a diverse and supportive community of artists, I am open and ready to learn from everyone, and see myself flourishing alongside them.


“Art is my outlet to directly represent
myself in ways I could not otherwise communicate or express…”


I am extremely inspired by the professional faculty and would love to be able to study the way they create and receive constructive criticism from them. I am currently studying painting in Amy Weiskopf’s scholarship class, and thanks to her instruction and critique, I have seen my painting technique improve. I know that continuing to study at the Art Students League would provide me with a high-quality education that will propel my learning, helping me continue to pursue art in the future. I am also going to be entering college in September of 2023 at the Fashion Institute of Technology for illustration, and I think that this opportunity will prepare me for classes at FIT. In the future, I am going to continue to make art, hopefully working as an illustrator. I’m interested in exploring various artistic fields and would like to work alongside other creatives who see and think like me. I would also like to pursue the arts as an entrepreneur, sharing my art with others through social media, galleries, and more. Studying at the Art Students League will help me develop skills in drawing and painting that will help me reach my artistic goals. It will help prepare me for a career in the arts by providing me with the knowledge and experience to succeed.  

The artist that has influenced me the most is Max Ginsburg. I am captivated by his way of portraying humans, their emotions, and personalities. I appreciate his decision to paint realistically and that he finds satisfaction in a skillfully done realistic painting. I share his appreciation for realistic painting and hope to capture my subjects like him one day. I am interested in creating magical realism and surrealist art, and I admire Max Ginsburg’s technique and dynamic use of color. Overall, I know that being able to continue studying in the Art Students League will push me in greater ways and maximize my potential with art.

LaGuardia High School
Dominican / Mexican

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