I’ve always really loved creating and drawing since I was in elementary school. My art teachers would point out to my parents that I had a good eye for things and a very creative mind. I’ve always really loved Francis Bacon’s art and would try to create my own versions of his self-portraits because I love how dark and ominous his paintings are. They always seemed to have a silent scream behind them, and I love how he expresses that internalized horror.

I aspire to become better at understanding anatomy so that I can sketch anyone, at any time, whenever I want. The only thing holding me back from creating more art is that I never feel good enough. I always feel incredibly vulnerable while creating art, which scares me a lot, but I want to delve deeper into that vulnerability and be able to create art without self-judgment.

I also really love creating work with all kinds of art forms: I’ve sculpted, painted, drawn, made resin art, and have done some woodworking and sewing! Out of all the art forms I have done, I have never been satisfied with my drawings. I feel like I can do better, and I want to improve. I want to be able to draw people with movement and have them exist naturally within the drawing.

City-As-School High School
Cornelia T. Bailey Scholarship-2022

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