I want to study at the League primarily to improve, not just who I am as a person but also my career as an artist. During my time within the League, I hope to acquire the skills necessary to change the social landscape and amplify my voice as an artist. Growing up, I’ve always wanted to use the skills I’ve gained throughout my journey to become an entrepreneur. The concept of owning businesses is one I’ve always seemed to strive towards. As somebody who considers themselves an innovative person, I believe my interpersonal skills would fit the direction of entrepreneurship.

I came to this realization earlier in my childhood selling my drawings to people who would be interested in them and eventually making that into something that is consistently continuous.

With my goal of entrepreneurship, I hope to marry this goal with my skills as an artist and create a bond that is both fulfilling and meaningful. I find myself being most influenced by artists such as James Jean and Alvin Alifan, who have styles that spoke to the core of my being and directly inspire me to become a better artist. I can never forget the first time I saw the work of these two artists, the very essence of their lines brings upon a spark of beauty to my eyes. I was drawn towards James’ art by his mix of realism and two-dimensional illustrations that tell a narrative filled with whimsy and excitement, but also an ethereal beauty. This is similar but contrasts Alifan’s work, who also delves into the realm of realism and uses it in a way that feels like a soft texture. If work plays with the senses like candy to a child, it is utterly irresistible.

High School of Art and Design
Seeds of the League Scholarship-2019
Antiguan/Puerto Rican

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