“We are the good news that we have been looking for,
Demonstrating that every dusk holds a dawn disguised within it.
Today we don’t burst into a new world.
We begin it.”

Amanda Gorman

The League is back in session! The rush of fall beginnings is here, and we are thrilled to welcome returning and new Seeds students. This month, our newsletter highlights several young people who took classes throughout summer 2023, looking to grow their artistic skills, meet like-minded artists, and develop their portfolios for application to high school and college. They share about their goals, and the ways that the League’s classes and learning environment will help to shape their paths to reach them. Alexandra from the High School of Art & Design shares that she wants to further her artistic studies to employ her skills towards social change. Evan, who currently attends Hunter College, explains how he plans to connect his studies at the League to his coursework in Anthropology, learning more about how people have been creating art since the beginning of humankind. We appreciate these thoughtful reflections and look forward to a rich and productive school year. 

A new school year breeds creative ideas, inspiration, and a season of change. Our Inspiration Stories this month feature artists whose artwork challenges the status quo, pushes artistic boundaries, and ignites change. On Suzanne Jackson, an artist whose paintings appear more like sculpture, journalist Sarah Douglas claims, “at a time when painters are thinking expansively about the future of their medium, Jackson stands as a model.” We also highlight a piece on Frank Stewart, a photographer who captured the March on Washington, his first demonstration, as well as several pivotal moments of the Black experience. As a new school year unfolds, we hope that these Seeds and Inspiration Stories encourage you to seek out new opportunities, explore different artistic avenues, and remain steady in the face of change. 

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victoria valentine

Sixty Years Ago, The March on Washington inspired change and drew many artists, including a future photographer named frank stewart

sarah douglas

Back in the spotlight, suzanne jackson pushed the boundaries of what paint can do

annabel keenan

Indigenous collective’s ‘world’s unFair’ in new york imagines a decolonised future

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